Adult Membership Benefits

Membership in the Society gives you affiliation with a national organization that fosters and supports programs involving children's welfare, community activities, and an appreciation of Pat's art. The Society also offers other tangible member benefits.

There are three levels of adult and senior (65 & older) membership:

Classic Adult, $38; Senior, $33:
Benefit: Porcelain Brooch
Choice Adult, $85; Senior, $80:
Benefit: Sterling Silver Bead
Premier Adult, $100; Senior, $95:
Benefit: Porcelain Brooch & Sterling Silver Bead
Premier Gold Upgrade, $500: Upgrade Premier level to 14k gold bead


2017 Membership Benefits:

  • Porcelain Membership Brooch: Old Covered Bridge
    Available with a Classic or Premier membership.
  • Sterling Silver Membership Bead: A Journey Through Time
    Available with a Choice or Premier membership.
  • Members Only Print: Opportunity to purchase Country Afternoon and the companion porcelain plaques.
  • Sentinel: Quarterly newsletter for all members packed with Moss info.
  • Membership Rewards Card: All members earn reward points with card featuring Country Afternoon.
  • Chapter Membership: Opportunity to join a Society Chapter.
  • Scholarship Nominations: Opportunity to nominate applicants for our scholarships.
  • Society Trip: Opportunity to take an annual trip with Society members.

Join or renew at our online shop.

2017 Adult brooch
Old Covered Bridge
2017 Porcelain Membership Brooch

2017 Member bead
A Journey Through Time
2017 Sterling Silver Membership Bead
Actual bead may differ slightly.

2017 Adult MOP
Country Afternoon
2017 Members-Only Print
Available to members for $80

2017 Adult plaque
2017 Plaques
2017 Members-Only Print Porcelain Plaques
Available for $10 each with purchase of Country Afternoon

2017 member card
Country Afternoon
2017 Membership Card

2017 Black and white
Mill in the Mist
2017 Member Gift
As a thank you to our new and renewing members in 2017, they will receive a wonderful small black & white Moss print!