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2017 Bead
Membership Beads
Shown is the "front" of all the Society silver beads and the "back" Moss of the beads.
The glass beads may vary in design from the ones pictured above.

We are pleased to announce a new bead for 2017 members who join or renew at the Premier or Choice membership levels. The bead for 2017, A Journey Through Time, features one of Pat’s trademark covered bridges, cast in sterling silver, and the reverse of the bead again features Pat’s “Moss” signature logo. The bead is made in the United States by the same master jeweler who made our first three beads; and, like those, it is designed to fit the bracelets of popular bead manufacturers like Pandora. It may also be worn on a necklace. Exquisitely detailed in miniature form, these beads are much more than mere keepsakes, they are fine art jewelry.

Moss Society beads 
"A Journey Through Time"
2017 Adult Membership Sterling Silver Bead
This is one bead, pictured front and back.
Enlarged to show detail, actual size 1/2" wide by 3/8" high.

Made of .925 sterling silver with an antiqued finish, the bead has all the best qualities of pure silver, but with the anti-tarnishing qualities that come with being sterling. It may be worn on a bracelet or a necklace; it is designed to fit the bracelets from all the popular bead manufacturers. We also offer a sterling starter bracelet ($140) for those who do not already own a bracelet from one of the other bead manufacturers.

The bead is a benefit to Society members who renew at the Choice or Premier membership levels. First introduced in 2013, we have three levels of membership: The “Premier”, the “Choice”, and the “Classic.” The Premier membership costs $100 ($95 senior/junior) annually and entitles the member to both the silver bead and the traditional porcelain brooch. The Choice membership costs $85 ($80 senior/junior) and is for those who elect to receive the silver bead only. The Classic membership remains $38 ($33 senior/$28 junior) and is for those who like the porcelain brooch only. And for those who like the luster of gold, we have a 14K gold version of the bead that is available for $500 as an upgrade to the Premier membership (gold bead plus porcelain brooch).

The bead is available only to members of the P. Buckley Moss Society. If you are not currently a member and you wish to purchase the bead, we will enroll you as a new member at the Choice, Premier, or Premier Gold level. Join now at our Online Shop or by calling (800) 430-1320.

This bead is the fourth in a series of beads. We will treat it the same way as the existing porcelain brooch, releasing one bead a year for new and renewing members. Each year you will have the opportunity to choose whichever level of membership most suits you. At any time during the year, you will be able to upgrade your membership to a higher level. Members who have already renewed for 2016 may contact us for an upgrade. Just call us at (800) 430-1320. There are Senior memberships (for those 65 and older) and Junior memberships (for children 17 and younger) at each level.

If you do not already own a bracelet for your bead, we offer a sterling silver starter bracelet (pictured above) for $140. The bracelet includes 2 glass beads and 2 stopper beads. There are five sizes of bracelet, 6-1/2", 7", 7-1/2", 8", and 8-1/2". To assertain size, please measure your wrist and add 1/2" to accommodate beads. To order the bracelet only you may follow the link below to our online store.