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Crossman Receives Endowed Scholarship Renewal (2008)
  Fallon Crossman received a renewal of $1,000 from the P. Buckley Moss Endowed Scholarship to continue her studies at Mount Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts.

The school’s Interior Design Program introduces students to the design courses right away in the freshman year. Fallon was excited about the courses she took, the projects she completed, and the entire college experience.

Her Interior Design Studio I class taught the principles of interior design and ways to read the environment visually. After studying scale and proportion, natural light and shadows, color schematics, textiles, furniture layout, and how art and architecture relate, she enjoyed the project of designing the interior of a house for a client based on interview questions which she had developed. Design Studio II included redesigning her dorm room.

In addition to the design process and her drawing classes, she is learning about how culture and behavior influence one’s perception of the interior environment. Some topics are building codes including ADA guidelines, sustainable materials, lighting, and various presentation methods.

Although the complex language in her courses can be challenging because of her language based learning disability, her design courses typically present material visually, which is the way she learns best. When needed, she participates in The Learning Circle, a program that supports students with learning disabilities. Organization continues to be one of her strengths.

Fallon said, “While I am in a room, I often find myself thinking about redesigning the room. This tells me that I have learned and I am applying my new found knowledge.”

Initially, she was worried about her class workload and did not try out for cheerleading. Discovering she could handle the work, she became a winter cheerleader for both men’s and women’s basketball. She loves the campus because it is very small and makes her feel right at home, yet it is close enough for her to take the train to Boston to visit the Museum of Fine Arts and the Design Center.




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