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Joel Elmore Receives 2012 Endowed Scholarship
  Joel Elmore, a graduating senior of The New Community School in Richmond, VA., is the recipient of the 2012 Endowed Scholarship, awarded to one or more high school seniors with financial need, a certified language-related learning difference, and artistic talent who plan a career in visual arts.

Joel is a member of the National Honor Society, displays leadership qualities, sets a fine example, encourages others, and always keeps his eye on the goal. His love, passion, and talents for art lends nicely to his character and his need to share with others.

Joel does not view himself as having a learning disability, but rather an opportunity to learn differently, an opportunity to see the world in a different perspective. Art allows Joel to express himself and has and will continue to be a place to get away from a world full of words. Art will serve him as another language to communicate clearly his ideas to the world.




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