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1987-88 "1987 Pewter Pin and 1988 Pewter Wreath Backer"

1989 "Mary with the Lambs"

1990 "The Newborn"

1991 "Chorus Line"

1992 "Winter's Friend"

1993 "Friendship"

1994 "Country Wedding"

1995 "Golden Winter"

1996 "Christmas Carol"

1997 "Blue Madonna"

1998 "Apple Blossom Love"

1999 "Anniversary Song"

2000 "Stars of Love"

2001 "Never Ending Love"

2002 "Pat's Flowers"

2003 "Bringing in the Apples"

2004 "Bruton Parish Church"

2005 "Today's Lesson"

2006 "Skating at the Star Barn"

2007 "Just Visiting"

2008 "Fall Friends"

2009 "Summer Celebration"

2010 "Frosty Family Christmas"

2011 "Lily Dreams"

2012 "As Light As a Thistle"

2013 "Spirit of Freedom"

2014 "On A Summer Day"

2015 "Tidings of Joy"

2016 "A Field of Sunshine"




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