Charity Print Collection

One of the Society's missions is "to promote charitable endeavors consistent with Pat's ideals." We achieve this mainly through our charity print collection. Over 500 Moss prints are donated each year to worthy charities throughout the United States. Through Pat's generosity, the Society has been directly responsible for raising over $3,661,000 for charity. This includes the extraordinary fundraising efforts of Society Chapters.

If your non-profit organization is interested in a Moss print for its next fundraiser, please complete the Donation Request form and mail or email it to the Society. We do give priority to organizations that directly help children, especially learning different children; however, membership in the Society is not necessary to be eligible to receive a donation.

To request a donation, please select one of the options below for a Donation Request Form.

Donation Request Form:


Charity Print Collection Inventory: To assist your organization we have provided a list of prints in the Charity Print Collection.

Donation Recap Form: If you have already performed a fundraiser using a print from our collection, but you have misplaced your recap form, please print and submit one by using one of the below documents.